Monday, June 1, 2015

"... t ... i ... r ... e ... d ..."
~ A Nebulous Graphic Novel Concept ~

I have only the image of the front cover in my brain...

We see a casually dressed man and woman sitting on a couch. The man is on the left of the frame, legs straight out and leaning back heavily. His right arm is draped over the sofa's arm, and his head leans all the way back, his scruffy face pointing upward but mostly covered by his other arm. The woman is about halfway between the man and the sofa's other arm. She's pitched forward, knees together but feet apart and pointing slightly inward. Her left elbow is on her left knee, and her head hangs down far enough that her left hand rests on the back of it. Her right arm rests on her right knee, but hangs forward and down as if dead weight. The image is dark, heavily shadowed, perhaps black and white, or maybe just very muted colors, almost sepia tones.

The imagined story background is a familiar one: a supernatural (or perhaps alien/virtual) world on the edge of our own. But it is only perceptible when on the cusp of sleep or thoroughly exhausted, and the closer to that cusp the more we can interact with that world, and it us. Our protagonists have learned of (or discovered?) drugs that keep them in that state for prolonged periods, but of course this also limits their capabilities. Perhaps they have even become obsessed with this new world, and addicts to both the euphoria of sleepiness and to the drug that holds them there.

We never see the protagonists' full faces, not in one frame, and we never see their noses or full profiles so there's no way to put the separate images together to know exactly what they look like. The lighting is often very noir, with the eyes or mouth lit while the rest of the face remains in shadow or silhouette.

What have they found? How many others know of it? What are the dangers? What of that other side - what can they do, and what do they want? How much is real, and how much hallucination?

I don't have the answers. But now it's your problem - let me know when it hits shelves and I'll pre-order a copy!


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