Yeah! Let's do this!

I've longed for a meaningful, fruitful creative collaboration with like-minded folks. My primary interests are in music/musical theater (I can always use a librettist/lyricist), gaming (especially tabletop role-playing and quirky card games), and writing (especially speculative fiction and comics/graphic novels). But I'm open to many other pursuits and projects.

I try to think laterally, and to look for opportunities to break new ground or to improve or expand on existing material. Despite what the loose, colloquial manner of this blog might suggest, I'm a competent editor and proofreader - of others' work.

If you're looking to invent or re-imagine something, let's chat. Need a one-off idea? A tweak to get something just right? A fresh pair of eyes or ears? Constructive criticism? Something changed into a nine-year old Hindu boy?

Look no further!

As for my current open projects that could use some help...
  • My one-act chamber opera needs a librettist - DESPERATELY
  • A card game based on evolution, primarily goofy and comic, but potentially educational
  • A mechanic for tabletop role-playing games especially suited to esoteric, supernatural, New Age, and old-timey horror genres

If any of these sound interesting, and you aren't a crazy person, you should definitely get in touch.

If they don't, and you aren't a crazy person, keep me in mind for your projects.

No, I will not help you plan the perfect crime. Stop asking!

Most of all, have fun, get it done, and good luck!